Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy St. Augustine of Canterbury Day!

Poor St. Augustine of Canterbury! First of all, people continually confuse him with the more famous St. Augustine – also a bishop and theologian – of Hippo in North Africa, and many don’t recognize him under the Anglicized form of his name, Austin. Then there is the confusion about the date of his feast. The Anglicans and Episcopalians celebrate on the traditional day of his death, May 26. Roman Catholics, (needing to be      different) celebrate the following day, May 27. However, this year Pentecost falls on May 27, so the  observance of St. Austin/Augustine’s Feast is pushed back a day to Monday, May 28. But now it falls on a civic holiday, Memorial Day, and liturgically the resumption of Ordinary Time. No wonder our parish’s patron feast is mostly lost in the shuffle!

Anyway, I wish you and all the parishioners and friends of our wonderful parish a VERY HAPPY St. Austin’s DAY! May we all be inspired by the example of his missionary zeal and rededicate ourselves to the work of spreading the Gospel.

Happy Feast Day!

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