Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fr. Chuck's Column, Sunday, March 31

What can I say but “ALLELUIA!” Christ is Risen! ALLELUIA!

Easter is the highpoint of the entire liturgical year, the center of our faith, the whole “point” of Jesus birth, life, miracles, teaching and death. It all culminates and comes to fruition in the Resurrection. Truly the resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the most important event in the entire history of the cosmos.

So we have something of the greatest significance to celebrate: victory over death! Every other success, accomplishment, discovery or victory pales compared to the total victory over sin and over death that Jesus won on the cross. No event has had as much impact on the history of the world as what occurred so early on that first Easter morning. Jesus rose to the fullness of life. Death was conquered! Alleluia!

On behalf of my fellow Paulists, Fr. Bob Cary and Fr. René Constanza, Deacon Billy Atkins and the entire staff at St. Austin Parish, I wish you and yours a truly Joyous and Happy Easter!

God bless,

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