Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fr. Chuck's Column, Sunday, April 20

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! ALLELUIA!
May this celebration of the victory of Christ’s love over sin and death fill you will Joy and Happiness! The Resurrection of Jesus has changed all history and given it new and limitless meaning. It is because of the great event that we celebrate today that you and I have a future, indeed an eternal future. Alleluia!
So don’t be sad, don’t worry, don’t brood over injuries and bad times and misfortunes. Today is a time to REJOICE and be GLAD. Life has purpose and meaning. Life is filled with infinite worth and possibility. Death has been conquered! Sin has been overcome! Any other problem is very small potatoes. We have great reason to rejoice.
Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! ALLELUIA!
God bless,

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