Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fr. Chuck's Column, Sunday, April 5

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!! Happy Easter!!!
Easter is the celebration of the greatest triumph and the most spectacular victory in the entire history of the Cosmos. There is nothing else to compare to Easter. Not only is the victory that Jesus Christ won on the cross more complete, total, final and lasting than any other triumph in all of history, it is different in its very being. It is radical in the original sense of going to the root. 
For the Victory of the Cross is not a victory imposed from above, an overwhelming force that crushes its opposition with brute strength and force. Rather the Easter Triumph is radical in that it conquers from below than rather from above. Jesus allowed Himself to be betrayed, unjustly condemned, abandoned, mocked, tortured and brutally executed. And when sin and evil had done their very worst, when sin and death had exhausted their threat and power and could do no more; when all hope and any possibility of escape were obliterated; it is then that Jesus rose up from the depths of the grave and changed death into glory!
Jesus not only conquered, He transformed! Jesus not only vanquished, He fully restored Life. Death changed from being an ever-lasting punishment to become the doorway to eternal glory! Alleluia!
This is not our doing, not our accomplishment. Humanity could never accomplish such an astonishing and radical victory over the age-old enemies of sin and death. This is purely God’s free gift, accomplished in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. 
And it is ours! So we have good reason to celebrate and rejoice. Alleluia! Happy Easter! 

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