Friday, November 20, 2015

Texas Catholic Bishops' statement on refugees and security

When our bishops get it right we should promote it. ~Fr. Chuck  :-)

Texas Catholic Bishops' statement on refugees and security
In this moment of grief for the victims of continued extremist violence in the Middle East and Europe, the Catholic Bishops of Texas pray for our leaders to show judicious discernment to find a means to help those genuine refugees who struggle to find shelter from the violence of their homelands. We must not forget that we are a nation of immigrants.
We acknowledge that every government has a responsibility to protect its citizens from violent aggressors, and this would include the application of the most rigorous screening procedures of refugees coming from areas known for the exportation of terrorism.
We must not be led by our fears, but guided by our mercy and prudence to develop a means to protect refugees while also protecting ourselves at home. As Pope Francis recently said so eloquently before the U.S. Congress, “if we want security let us give security; if we want life, let us give life; if we want opportunity, let us give opportunity. The yardstick by which we measure others is the yardstick by which time will measure us.”
For more on the Catholic Church's position regarding Syrian refugees and security, please follow the link below:

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