Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fr. Chuck's Column, Sunday, May 15, 2016

In my last update for the renovation of the exterior of our church project, which I wrote about in this column on March 20, I spoke of some of the creative ways that our parish Finance Council and Building Committee have been working to make sure that we stay within our budget. That has been very helpful. But on the downside, the effort to make sure that the numbers we are looking at our realistic and not overly optimistic has taken more time. To insure that we are dealing with realistic numbers has taken more checking, more work, and more time.
Therefore our time table has slipped some. Instead of starting in May, it now looks like construction will actually commence in August. The construction documents are scheduled to be completed at the end of May, and now the process for City of Austin permits has grown from 6 weeks to about 8 to 10 weeks. We do hope it will be faster than that.
Your patience is much appreciated. Soon enough our entries will become tunnels as sidewalk bridges are built over them, and we will have an unavoidable amount of dust.  There will be piles of stone on the sidewalk and the courtyard, scaffolding around the building, and construction equipment on the street and in the alley. It will all be here soon enough.
Our architects are working hard to complete the construction documents. Our Finance Council and Building Committee have done excellent work on keeping on top of the many issues involved in this project, and the Diocese of Austin is responding quickly in a timely manner. I am as anxious as anyone to see this project actually begin, but I know that in a complex project like this, it is much better to be patient and do it right the first time.
Please keep me, our Building and Finance Committees, and our entire parish in your prayers. 

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