Monday, February 27, 2017

Fr. Chuck's Column, February 26, 2017

This Wednesday is ASH WEDNESDAY.   We will soon be back into Lent.

In considering how you are going to observe this Lent, may I make a few suggestions?

Rather than trying to just give up sweets and loose a few pounds, I encourage you to do something positive to grow in holiness.

A simple way to do this is to try to compliment someone at least once a day. This helps take the focus off of yourself and put it more on others and how they are doing.

Another great spiritual practice is to sit in the center of the pew, giving up the prized position on the end. This makes it easier for others, those lesser Christians who arrive late, to get in without having to climb over you.

This year a great Lenten practice would be to observe moderation and decency in speech, especially about politics. Even if you are with people who agree with you, and maybe ESPECIALLY if you are with like-minded people, that you speak of the other side with moderation and respect. 

Of course the tried and true traditional methods of observing Lent: fasting, prayer and alms-giving, are ALWAYS appropriate. Attendance at weekday Mass during Lent is a most beneficial practice. 

Hoping you have a blessed and fruitful Lent!

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