Monday, October 23, 2017

Fr. Chuck's Column, October 22, 2017

YAY, today is the Chocolate Festival! I like chocolate, which is no secret. Hope you can join us in Hecker Hall today, Sunday, from 12:45 to 2 p.m. It will be FUN and DELICIOUS! And you may even learn something about the people who grow chocolate!
Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with two gentlemen from CBRE, the firm we hired to be our broker, who are working for us on the potential development project of our church and school campus. Mr. Christopher Kennedy and Mr. Chris Bell were also at the meeting. And it seems that the developers, whom our brokers had informally approached about the possibility of a development project such as ours, met with positive enthusiasm and excited interest. So the St Austin Development Committee just met this week to review the results and most probably want to continue down the road towards a possible development project of our school and parish campus. We will be meeting again with the Diocese to inform them and to seek their blessing, and then in about a month begin formally requesting proposals. It is an exciting time, and we will keep you posted as things develop. 
Meanwhile, construction continues on our church renovation project. All of the stone has been removed from the front of the church and rectory, new stone put in place, and all stone on the other sides has been patched, cleaned, and sealed. New windows have been installed in much of the rectory (wherever new stone was placed) and work continues in the first floor of the rectory. Work should be starting very soon on the new lobby, with excavation of the small space between the rectory and the church. We are still on schedule for a completion in late March, 2018. What a great Easter present!
The on-again, off-again development of the Marriot hotel where the McDonald’s used to be seems to finally be getting some steam. We are being told that demolition of the old McDonald’s building will commence on November 1. Then excavation will follow. We will see. 
We have a committee searching for a new Director of Music. I am pleased with the way many people have stepped up to help in the meantime, and so far we and getting by pretty well. THANKS to all who are making this happen with a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Your patience and understanding, with all these projects, is very much appreciated. Obviously, we could not do all of this without your help, support and cooperation. THANKS!   

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