Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Fr. Chuck's Column, June 17, 2018

First of all, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all dads, godfathers, and father figures. You have a tough job in today’s world. God bless you!!!
As I mentioned last week, on May 15, we received six responses to our potential property development request for proposal, which we have been discussing over the last year. The ad hoc Development Committee of our parish spent two days interviewing all six proposing firms at the offices of our brokers, CBRE. All six developers followed our request to maintain our church and new lobby entrance, build us new facilities, and use some of the land for their own commercial projects.
People flew in from around the country to present to us. They each had about an hour and a half. They made their presentations, and then we asked lots of questions. It was interesting, informative, and somewhat overwhelming.
We heard proposals ranging from over 1,000 student housing beds on our property to mixed-use of office, retail, active senior housing, and student housing. One even mentioned introducing a grocery store to the neighborhood on our site. Everybody recognizes that our location is uniquely located and all had some component of student housing.
After spending two days listening to all these ideas, figures, challenges, possibilities, etc., my mind was swimming. Fortunately, we have very sharp people on the Development Committee and participation from our partners at the Diocese. The level of talent representing our needs is very impressive and is excelled by the deep dedication to the parish. It was heartening to me to be with such sharp and dedicated parishioners.
After this round of interviews, we ruled out three of the firms and sent the other three with more questions for clarification. We will be continuing to discuss options with these three over the next few months.
Where this will all end is not at all clear. We continue to let the process lead us to the right timing and options to explore. Everyone recognizes that our location is super-prime. I hope that we can use that to improve our school and further the mission of our parish.  That is what this is all about.

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