Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fr. Chuck's Column, September 9, 2018

MANY THANKS to all who helped put together, and to those who participated in, our Blessing and Dedication of the exterior renovation of our church last Sunday, September 2. Many people worked to make this happen – too many to list here. But I do want to say a special thanks to Kelley Bodu Tarrant for organizing a wonderful event, and to Jennifer Anderson for helping to make it an actuality. Many others also participated and made this happen, and to all, THANK YOU!
Now that we have the new lobby, bathrooms, meeting room (the Holy Family Room) and refreshed nursery, how shall we use it? Specifically, how does it change the way we enter and exit the church?
Well, you can still enter and exit the church as you always have: through the Deacon’s Door in the back (check out the new awning, made of the same material on the sides of the tower). That has not changed. You can also still enter and exit the church through the three doors on the front, on the Guadalupe Street side. And I expect most people will continue to use these entrances, if for no other reason than sheer habit.
Now you have an additional option, by entering through the new lobby and then into the church on the north side, near the old confessionals. The new lobby entrance is handicapped accessible. If you use a wheelchair, have a large perambulator, or have difficulty with steps, you can enter through the lobby and come up the ramps to the church level. Or, if you want to stop and use the restroom prior to going to church, it would make sense to enter through the lobby and proceed directly to the bathrooms. From there you can enter the church. Some people may choose to do this.
As of now, the lobby entrance will only be open for WEEKEND MASSES, not daily Masses. This may change based on our experience, we will need to see how it goes.
In any case, I encourage you to try to be on time. We try to start Mass on time, so please make the effort to join us from the beginning. We are always happy to have you here, regardless of which way you choose to enter and exit the building. Remember to take a copy of the bulletin with you!

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