Monday, October 24, 2016

Fr. Chuck's Column, August 14, 2016

As we plow through the hot days of August, the parish is starting to prepare for the Fall programming onslaught. It is just never dull.

After changing the filters in the church AC system last month, we discovered that the increased airflow blocked the AC vents with an accumulation of what in the HVAC world is technically referred to as “gunk.” The vents have now all been cleaned. You should notice increased airflow in the church AC, and hence better ability to cool the church on these hot August weekends.

Because Microsoft Corporation in its great wisdom has decided that it will no longer support security upgrades for Windows 7, the parish needs to upgrade our office computers to Windows 10. The only problem is our old computers cannot be upgraded to be able to handle Windows 10, so we find ourselves with a need to purchase a minimum of six new computers just to be able to continue doing what we have been doing for years. This represents a sock to our parish budget, but we are working to handle it. Maybe we will have to have an “IT” (information technology) second collection. We will see.

Also, in our continuing efforts to maintain safety at our parish, we are looking to purchase two AED (Defibrillator) machines; one for the church office and one for in the church. This also requires training and certification for several of our staff members, so in the event someone suffers cardiac arrest, the victim can be treated immediately, even before the paramedics arrive. The school already has one in the gym, and several faculty members have been trained in its use. These machines run about $950 each.

Ready or not, St. Austin School opens this Tues., Aug. 16, beginning slowly with just a half day. Meanwhile much progress has been made on the installation of new boys and girls bathrooms at the school, a new art room, a new resource center, and new staff bathrooms. I am very pleased with how it is turning out. Unfortunately it is impossible to complete all of this large undertaking before school resumes. I trust that the Principal, Mr. Fred Valle, and the dedicated faculty of the school, along with all the students and their parents, will recognize the need for these improvements, work around the inconveniences, and take this all in stride. We are used to improvising at St. Austin Parish and School. Watch this bulletin for an announcement of a grand opening and dedication of all this work at the school in early November.

Next weekend (Aug. 20-21) is the Parish Ministries Fair, and there is information about that in this bulletin. We need more help here, so please consider how you can use the talents you have been blessed with to help our parish community.

The following weekend (Aug. 27-28) is Parish Registration weekend, a VERY IMPORTANT event in the life of our parish.  And the following day, Mon., Aug. 29, the 5:20 p.m. weekday Mass resumes on Monday through Thursday.

Where did the Summer go?   

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